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Kakamas Attractions
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Green Kalahari
Green Kalahari Hydro-Electrical Power Station
Designed to look like an Egyptian temple, this building that was completed in 1914 accommodated the first hydro - electric power station in South Africa.
Green Kalahari Municipal Offices
Kai! Garib Municipality, has it’s head office at Kakamas, which includes the communities of Kakamas, Keimoes, Kenhardt, Blouputs, Kanoneiland, Marchand, Augrabies, Alheit and Ciliers since 2000.
Green Kalahari Water Tunnels
Two tunnels of 3-4m high, 2,5m wide and 97m and 172m long, respectively, were dug by hand as part of the canal building project and were completed in 1911.
Green Kalahari Obelisk
In terms of apartheid laws the graves of 150 coloured and black people wereremoved from these premises in 1986, in spite of the objections of the community. After the democratic change in South Africa an obelisk was erected in 1998 to commemorate these people.
Green Kalahari Orange River Wine Cellars
Kakamas is the home of one of five cellars of the largest wine co-op in the southern hemisphere. Wine tasting at the cellars and cellar tours during harvest time.
Green Kalahari Neus Weir
Follow the picturesque rockery route from Kakamas to Neilersdrif,
and after 30km you willsee the Neus weir on your left. It is 936m long and 6m high, the first of this specific design with a smooth overflow in the country.
Green Kalahari Water Wheel
Highly economic method of pumping water from the canal to higher lying farmlands. Quite a few of these wheels are still in working condition.
Green Kalahari German War Graves
Seven German soldiers and two South Africans died during fierce fighting outside Kakamas on 4 February 1915. Six of the German graves were later found and the soldiers were reburied on a hill 4km outside Kakamas.