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Kenhardt Attractions
Green Kalahari First Library
Built in 1897 and used as library until 1977.
Green Kalahari Camel thorn tree
500-600 year old tree under which Kenhardt was founded.
Green Kalahari Obelisk
In honour of HL Jacobs and AC Jooste who were executed in July 1901during Anglo Boer War.
Green Kalahari Dutch Reformed Mission Church
Founded in 1896 and first served by Rev. CWJ Schröder of Olyvenhoutsdrift (Upington).
Green Kalahari English Church
Built in 1923 and the corner stone laid by CB Schultz Esq.
Green Kalahari Quiver tree forest
National monument 8km south of Kenhardt with more than 5000 quiver trees. Hiking trail through forest.
Green Kalahari Seven toe “footprints”
Those of Matisieng, giant legendary ancestor of the Tswana?
Also more than 300 rock engravings, 45km outside Kenhardt.
Phone (054) 651-0022 to view.
Green Kalahari Rock art
Remnants of San community and rock art on the farm Arbeidsvreugd 60km from Kenhardt. To view phone 05462 and ask for 5131.
Green Kalahari Rooiberg Dam
Built in 1898 the Rooiberg Dam supplies water for irrigation while picnics on the water’s edge are a favourite pastime.
Green Kalahari Verneukpan
The shaly pan where Sir Malcolm Campbell set a new land speed record in 1929, is 115km from Kenhardt. For camping at Campbell’s stand, phone Willie Blomerus at 0832272239 or (054) 651-0022. Camping on the pan: Nico Louw at 054602 and ask for 811.
  Moddergat farm house
Stone farm house built from local material and declared a national monument. 38km from Kenhardt. To visit or camp phone 05462 and ask for 5112 or phone 0837040620.
  4x4 route
60km Circular rout south of Kenhardt. Phone (054) 651-0022